Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Online Newspaper Media Language and Conventions

Media language of websites
• Home page – the main / first page
• Branding – the logos, images, graphics and colour-scheme which create the
recognisable image of the website / institution.
• Above the fold – what you can see on the webpage without scrolling down
• Banner – a horizontal section of the webpage, often with additional
information or advertisements
• Sidebars – a horizontal section of the site, usually at the side of the
page, often containing separate or additional content.
• Banner ads / scrolling ads – adverts in banner form. Scrolling banners
contain moving information.
• Frame – an area for specific content. A website will have several frames,
each for different content.
• Grid – the layout of the frames on the page, similar to the columns in a
newspaper, but are more adaptable.
• Links – allow you to navigate between different pages on this website, and
to link to other sites.
• Flash content – moving image content such as film footage and animations.

Check out The Daily Mail Online Media pack here:

Because it's a slideshare site, you may find YOU HAVE BEEN PROTECTED (zzzzzzzzz........) at school, but you should access this at home. There is an exceptionally detailed breakdown of how the Mail sees its online version addressing its audience and which particular areas are popular. You'll notice there are many opportunities for material to be updated and there is an emphasis laid on the interactive nature of the site to give consumers a sense of ownership so they will be more likely to reurn to it.

The Daily Mail Online is here:

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