Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Media Ownership Essay for first week back

Discuss the issues raised by Media Ownership in the production and exchange of media texts in your chosen media area.

Key issues – UK dominated by the Hollywood industrial model and vertically integrated companies – easier to use synergy and convergence to produce and promote their products – e.g Sony and Spider Man – or pick your own example.

British film industry – difficult to get funding; difficult to get distribution and exhibition. One third of the film not in English. How did Slumdog achieve its success in the face of this? The appeal of the story? Look at the deals that had to be made to get the film funded and produced. The use of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Its appeal to the Indian market both in India and amongst the diaspora (the Indian audience abroad – in the UK, Canada and the USA, for example). Look at the deals that were made to get it distributed and promoted (remember, because of the distribution deal it had access to Fox websites and Fox TV to help with promotion). Look at the way it was released. Look at the use of digital technology – which is another issue facing the film industry – so look at the Slumdog website, its use of flash and streaming technology and how it acts as a hub; note the use of interactivity to give the audience a sense of ownership so they’d be more likely to pay to see it so you can talk about the possibilities of digital distribution and the way things might go in the future; use of viral marketing to attract an audience – be specific about what was done.

Other issues – illegal downloads – early release of DVD/BluRay to combat this – and ‘long tail’ aspects of this – the DVD will still be bringing in money long after the film has been available in the cinemas.

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