Friday, 30 December 2011

Institutions and Audiences Question and Plan #3

How important is technological convergence for institutions and audiences within a media area you have studied?
1. Very…
2. Say what it is
3. Note how a major vertically integrated company like Sony can use convergence – look at a film website, use of viral marketing, social networking – look at 2012 as an example.
4. Then discuss how a UK production company like Film4 and Celador have to make deals to ensure successful production, marketing, distribution, and exhibition.
5. Note the website acts a hub for information about the film – uses flash and streaming technologies, using links to information about the film, cast, crew; using links to social network sites. Talk about the way social network sites can target ads to audiences based on user profiles. Note the Long Tail effect – the film website will act as a promotional tool for the DVD/BluRay long after the film has finished being exhibited in cinemas. On some websites, such as those for Sony films, there are links to other upcoming Sony films. Note the advantages of being a vertically integrated company like Sony.
6. Talk about Slumdog’s use of viral marketing
7. Talk about the use of new smart phone technology to allow you to surf the net, download information, have trailers sent to your phones and watch movies (legally or illegally) on the phone
8. Talk about the way the audience have become prosumers… audiences use social networking sites –post their own reviews, post trailers from YouTube, post their own mash-ups, post songs from the soundtracks. These sites have a potential audience of millions. Some ‘audience’ sites, like, have been quoted in press reviews. Negative reviews/comments on widely read sites like this can have an effect on other users and make up their minds about whether or not they see the film

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