Friday, 30 December 2011

Institutions and Audiences Question and Plan #4

Discuss the ways in which media products are produced and distributed to audiences within a media are you have studied.
1. Look at Slumdog in detail – how Film4 and Celador had to overcome the financial issues and the dominance of the major US companies in the UK. Note the way that steps were taken during the production to ensure the film appealed to a wide – even global – audience in order to combat films released by major studios – but that it had to sell distribution rights overseas in order to secure further funding and support.
2. Note the way it was initially released at film festivals and distributed to build its audience
3. When you do this you will need to talk about an example of a large US company – what are the advantages of Sony being a vertically integrated company in terms of production and distribution?
4. In complete contrast, look at the way a small independent company like Amber funds, produces and distributes their product. Long Tail aspect – their DVDs will continue to sell over a long period of time
5. Look at the role of film websites and viral marketing – don’t forget that websites exist long after the film has finished the run in the cinemas and they promote the DVD/BluRay
6. Don’t forget to talk about downloading, legal and illegal and the way audiences have become prosumers, using social networking sites etc to unofficially promote views to a potential audience of millions around the world.
7. Note the development of the digital screen network in the UK and talk about the hopes for digital distribution in the future and how and why it will be an improvement

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