Thursday, 24 November 2011

Textual Analysis – The Next Steps

It is very important for everyone to review their progress in textual analysis. You are about to embark on an Assessment for Learning unit where you will:
a) Find out more about how your work will be assessed
b) Identify both good practice and become more critical in identifying how work can be improved
c) Critically reflect upon your own work and make changes in your approach to boost your attainment.

You need to:
1) Watch the exam text again
2) Read through the assessment criteria (blue sheets) and identify what skills / standards are required (you should all be aiming for Levels 3 and 4)
3) Make sure you understand the three different assessment objects and understand what they actually mean by these terms a) Explanation, analysis and argument b)Use of example c) Use of terminology
4) Using the stimulus material provided by SO analyse the strengths and areas for improvement in both essays
5) Award marks and be prepared to justify your judgements making specific references to the mark scheme
Following this discussion, and following further analysis of good practice you will:
a) Be expected to redraft your orginal attempt in order to put into practice “good practice”
b) Sit another mock exam on textual analysis AND film institution the week before the Christmas hols.
Please note – you will be receiving your marked scripts early next week as we are currently identifying anyone who needs to attend booster classes in advance of the exam.

VERY IMPORTANT – our departmental blog – is packed with very useful revision materials and this is regularly updated so make sure you use it!!!!!!

Please remember – this is a very large class but teaching staff in Media Studies are very keen to support you in the run up to the exam and with your coursework. Always ask questions and seek out feedback if you are unsure how to make progress.

Many thanks

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