Wednesday, 2 April 2014

AS Questions on Monsters (Gareth Edwards, 2010)

Monsters (2010)

1. Why did Vertigo produce Monsters?


3. How was it funded?

4. Why was it cheap to make?

5. How was digital technology used throughout the stages of production?


7. How was it distributed? Note the use of film festivals to build its reputation?

8. How was it released in the UK?

9. How was it promoted in the UK?

10. How was viral marketing used?

11. How was the website used to promote the film and – later – the DVD/BluRay? Look at the features available.

12. What were the negative points about the film’s exhibition, distribution and critical reception?

13. Look at the booklets AND the links given below. You can find ‘making of’ features on YouTube.

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