Wednesday, 30 April 2014

AS How does the film industry use new technologies?

Referring to examples from British independent cinema and from Hollywood industrial cinema, how does the film industry use new technologies?

1. At the production stage – digital cameras increasingly used as opposed to film but note that not everyone thinks is a good thing. Potentially lightweight cameras/editing on a computer – or a laptop/CGI and other effects? Look at the way Gareth Edwards was able to compete with big budget special effects. It’s easier to balance/alter the colour using digital technology than analogue. Google this – have any released films been shot with a flip camera or phone…?

2. Distribution and marketing – Advantages of? Websites, social networking, viral marketing. How do YOU see examples of this? On what kind of platform? Give specific examples from both types of film. WHY are these methods commonly used as opposed to only the older methods of posters/print ads/trailers/TV, radio and print interviews/features?

3. Exhibition – Why have cinemas been forced into switching to digital exhibition?

4. IMAX and 3D – expensive and limited, no matter how good it seems – Google it…

5. Look at the cinemas near us. The exam board like to think you can use examples from your own experience, so here you go: but look at this too – think about the effect on arthouse cinemas whose remit is not just to rely on modern Hollywood film. Although we have tried this – unsuccessfully so far – you could email the Tyneside Cinema (the board likes to see local examples) and ask them how it has been affected by digital technology.

6. Beyond that, remember that exhibition does not just include the cinema – so legal downloads/DVD/BluRay – how can film be watched and how does digital technology threaten the modern cinema - and how is the industry responding?

7. Finally, how does a local, filmmaking collective use digital technology -

Remind yourself of the stages of production:

Use these links – as well as your own research and your notes on Monsters - to help you, as well This is a similar question, but has a lot of good information in the plan…

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