Sunday, 11 March 2012

Homework for NEXT Tuesday (i.e. 20/03/12)

I appreciate some of you have done some or all of the below already, but I KNOW there are people who haven't, so...

a) Publish on your blog ALL your research into existing product, that is, your annotated front pages, contents pages and articles. You ought to have at least two of each.

b) Publish your questionnaires and and results (in whatever from you like - pie charts/bar charts etc etc). Make some comment about the usefulness or otherwise of the type of questioonaire you used e.g. closed or open. If you're not sure, ASK.

c) Publish your flat plans to show the intended design of ALL your pages. They don't have to be well-drawn, and it is possible that you might have found that during the actual construction, another idea/colour/pose/whatever, worked out better - but you will need to comment on this. Some of this needs to be in slideshare form. You could, if you're feeling brave, film yourself discussing questionnaire feedback...

Since you should have completed these tasks a while back, this shouldn't be a bind. All MOST of you have to do is publish. Anyone wanting stuff scanned needs to see me or someone else with a scanner (someone kind in Art if it's A3).

Probably best to upload scans to a memory pen first. You ger marked on this, so use these points as success criteria. You should not be throwing away marks here. If you've already done this, you may as well get a head start on next week's uploading, which will be to post some of the photographs you've taken and explain WHY you decided to use or not use them. Don't go overboard on this. I know some of you have 50 odd photos you didn't use. Pick a handful you can say something about.

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