Sunday, 11 March 2012

Homework for next Tuesday (20/03/12) Part 2

This is the harder bit. Write a brief history of the development of Warner Brothers – by ‘brief’ I mean about 600 words; by 'write' I mean just that. Don't just cut and paste, because this encourages you to avoid reading the substance of the article.

There’s a lot of history in the Wikipedia article, but MOST of this essay should focus on the later developments, particularly the links with the publishing company Time and DC Comics and then you’ll need to show how the company grew and branched out so the post 1995 section in the Wikipedia article is key.

You don’t have to list all the companies it has absorbed, bought into, acquired or whatever, but give some examples with dates.


 And The prezi is good; it was made by someone who works for OCR. It’ll blow up to full screen if you ask it nicely. I've uploaded it to the blog a couple of posts below. but it may not be viewable in school...

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