Monday, 4 October 2010

AQA GCSE Media Studies 2009-2011

Assignment 1

1/ A written analysis of a short extract from a TV programme (such as CSI, 24 or Spooks), paying attention to the key concepts: audience, media language, representation, audience and, where possible, institutional concerns
2/ Storyboard an opening sequence of a similar show
3/ Analyse effectiveness of own storyboards with reference to the key concepts

Assignment 2

1/ Analyse and compare two methods of promoting a film (i.e. trailer, website, poster, radio ad)
2/ On Photoshop, design a poster for a film of your own – and evaluate its effectiveness
3/ Storyboard a trailer and analyse its effectiveness

Assignment 3

Practical Production

Task: Produce at least four pages of a magazine, including a double-paged spread.
Students must provide evidence of knowledge of conventions of existing products by analysing magazine pages and flat plans; they also need to show awareness of the needs of audience by producing a survey or questionnaire and analysing the results.

The production must be accompanied by a written evaluation which relates the process of construction to the key concepts.

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