Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Top Tips for A2 Production Work

 Key Points to Remember and Apply

1.Irregular blog entries are a dead giveaway that you’re not fully engaged with this project.

2. Entries do not have to be epic e.g. you can offer production schedules / a review

3. Entries shouldn’t be long but feature multi-media platforms

4. A clear project outline is VITAL, making intentions and responsibilities explicit.

5. Inevitably you will have similar entries at the beginning when you’re developing your concept BUT very soon your blog should emerge as distinct – a personal journey

6. Be reflective – discuss problems / how to overcome set backs – EVIDENCE THE LEARNING CURVE

7.Aim for 60 blog entries – you have until end of April so this averages at about 3 entries per week.

8. Integrate AUDIENCE RESEARCH through the stages of production – gain feedback on RUSHES (the filming) and the ROUGH CUT (first edit ) as well as final product. Audience Research could influence the direction of your construct

9. When filming make sure you can evidence you’ve been organised by producing production schedules / props lists /costumes / location detail – easy to produce but great for your blog

10. Could produce video diaries as reflective


12. Where possible frame the shot accurately

13. Try to film a range of shots from different angles

14. Experiment with different camera movements / position and continuously think about AUDIENCE POSITIONING

15. Build into your filming consideration of ALL ASPECTS OF MISE EN SCENE – excellent for analysis during evaluation

16. Don’t leave too much head space but remember you can crop and resize frames during post-production

17. Use generic conventions BUT try to challenge them too – GENRES ARE FLUID AND CONSTANTLY EVOLVING

18. Film Trailers – a) don’t have to make absolute sense but must establish genre and appeal to their target audience b) must be mindful that a range of locations / actors is vital c) sound is a VITAL technical code and should be thought about from the very outset

19. Music Videos – a)Film performance vide early doors from range of camera angles so you have library bank of footage b) evidence you’ve tried to ask for permission to use the song c) identify through textual analysis that even with slow songs you need a massive number of shots and costume changes

20. Short Films – Stingers are only five minutes and tend to be quite abstract but whole narratives can be communicated (v ambitious but when they come off they are highly rewarded as challenging and few will attempt them!) You MUST research the genre of short films – loads on web!

21 Documentaries – as above you must research stylistics of different types of docs before identifying and justifying chosen style. Must have a good concept and access to interesting subjects / topics – (Alex you have very promising material)

22.Don’t be a doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofus and neglect your ancillary work – both pieces combined are worth 50% of your moving image work

23. Every aspect of your production should be interconnected – RP + Main + Ancilliaries + Evaluations – generic conventions / house-styles/target audience

24. Original photography – and having a range of original images – is just as vital for A2.

25. Pace yourself – we appreciate Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeja Studies is not the centre of your universe and although it may not be your best subject  (Isla – we forgive you and understand you are an English Lang genius but if you don’t get an A in your Jan resit you will have to pay for all of us to go the pics!!!!!!!!! I’M JOKING!!!) and you MUST spread your attention across all subjects. WE UNDERSTAND THIS !!!!!!

26. Remember to keep your diaries up to date so your skills and concepts can be matched to the stages of production. This will help make preparation and revision for the A2 exam much easier.

27. Don’t hogg the equipment – we’re all in this together so play fair

28. Enjoy – use us / talk to us / listen to us (we’re old and have been doing this for ages).

29. Use last year’s work as guidance – we’ll give you a copy of the marks. Ignore this at your peril!!!!
There’s bound to be more ….. but this will do for now.


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