Sunday, 1 July 2012

Holiday Homework for Y12 into Y13...

Hooray! It’s Holiday Homework Time! Just when you thought it was safe to switch off and relax...

It's nothing (too) onerous, however,

Analyse three music videos or trailers (of the genre of your choice, so probably horror, bearing in mind you’ll probably end up making a horror trailer in Y13) or short films, according to the usual technical codes – mise-en-scene, camera angles/distances/movement, editing, sound.  Consider how what you are seeing and hearing support the narrative or the lyrics and how the text has been designed to appeal to its target audience; in this respect, think about the text’s use of generic conventions.

There are some notes on the importance of genre here:

If you haven’t decided what to work on in September, just pick three trailers. How do they attract an audience to the product they are advertising?

If you want to look at the type of short horror film we’ve watched in class, type ‘Fewdio’ and ‘Daywalt’ in the YouTube search engine.

Find the texts on YouTube and post each film along with your analysis. If the clips look too wide for your blog, change the measurements in the html embed code to 425 and 344 and that should do it.

Have a good holiday and try to come back in one piece...

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