Monday, 28 March 2011

Sixth Form Media Studies – Collecting Audience Research

On the afternoon of Monday 11th April, we are holding a special event to ensure that you have every opportunity to complete your audience research in time for the Easter holidays. Unfortunately this clashes with a sociology trip therefore some of you will need to find other opportunities to a) distribute questionnaires b) talk to focus groups. However you will be able to make full use of any footage collected by the group as you may choose to make a short video of the event to post on your blog. This helps to satisfy the multi-media challenge of creating a blog

What is Audience Research
· Every media producer wants to know to what extent their media product has satisfied his or her target audience. Often if it fails to do so the text is modified to accommodate (e.g. endings of films can sometimes be changed)
· You should aim to have your product virtually completed no later than Monday 11th April so you can collect feedback!!!!!
· You will work collaboratively throughout the afternoon with Year 13 to give constructive feedback on their work AND in return they will give you feedback
· Feedback will take many forms: a) open and closed questionnaires b) focus groups interviews c) one-to-one interviews d) producing your own pieces to camera to outline what you’ve learned from the process of audience research
· Those students aspiring towards A and B grades would also be expected to comment on the effectiveness of the research method e.g. does one particular research method give you clearer feedback than another?

Reminder of Key Aims:
1. BY APRIL 11TH -To be as far down the line in producing the final drafts of your music magazine – with plenty of evidence of drafts to show PROGRESS AND PROCESS!!!
2. To begin preparing now for AUDIENCE RESEARCH which forms one quarter of your evaluation – the collection of all your data will happen on 11th April
3. Easter holidays should be spent a) modifying your print projects b) creating your responses to these key questions:
· In what ways doe your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products
· How are social groups represented in your media product?
· Define your target audience.
· How does your product attract / address your target audience?
· Discuss your use of digital technology to create an authentic product
· Comment on your progress in terms of skills from your engagement in preliminary work through to your completion of the AS practical

Other Key Points
· Where possible you should avoid a standard essay response and present visual materials to support your evaluation e.g. pie charts and graphs to quantify audience response
· Begin collecting research from the Internet with regards to the magazine industry e.g. EMAP (We will provide you with a handout to support this area of your research)
· Begin collecting your ideas for your evaluation NOW but make sure you clearly signpost the above questions as part of your EVALUATION if you begin to write up relevant materials on your blog
· You MUST be in the position by the time you leave for Easter where you have only MINOR CHANGES to apply to your practical work so you can focus on your evaluation AND REVISION FOR YOUR RESIT
· Ryan, Tanya, Shaun and Olivia will be able to concentrate on a) revision for their other subjects b) begin to think about the A” practical with reference to MOVING IMAGE
· Please note that although the summer term is always very busy after the exam season there is a lull and although this can be great we need to use our time wisely to a) have some fun b) really deepen our knowledge / learn new skills
· We’re looking into a) visiting Bradford MOMI for a day trip and b) setting up a MOVING IMAGE PROJECT to get you outside with the cameras

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