Thursday, 3 February 2011


Deadline for next Thursday (10th Feb)– The Blog

Section 1: The Introduction

· Overview of what makes a good photograph. Why is it critical for a successful print project? Evidence of a bad photograph and a good photograph – label it
· Chart what you have learned about layout. Why are the tags important in creating an IDEOLOGY for your TARGET AUDIENCE
· Present evidence of 3 drafts and justify changes – even if they are minor
· Summarise what principles you learned from this exercise – you can discuss your learning of key tools within Photoshop BUT make sure photography and layout are central to your discussion

Deadline for week on Thursday (17th Feb)

Section 2: The Music Magazine

· Discuss your chosen sub -genre and begin profiling examples
· Think about target audience – create a character profile. Literally create an imaginary person (with a picture) who will buy your product. List their consumption habits. Where do they shop, what do they wear, what do they go on holiday? You could produce up to three character profiles to demonstrate the RANGE OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!!!
· What are the key conventions of your sub-genre in terms of:
a) Photography
b) Ideology

You should now begin compiling specific evidence for the three components of your project:

1. Front page
2. Contents page
3. Feature Article

Remember to refer to multiple examples. Also you will get extra marks if your feature INSTITUTIONAL INFO – who publishes it? Distribution stats? Market share?

Every media product has a rival. WHO ARE YOU COMPETING AGAINST???????? You should make references to your rival when evaluating how your product is emerging.

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